Batang (8/2/2024). Yanu Andrian, affectionately known as Yanu, is one of the alumni of the second batch of Agroecotechnology undergraduate program (2014). Now, he has chosen to become a millennial farmer in the Batang region.

Becoming a millennial farmer is not unfamiliar to Yanu. Even during his college years, Yanu was already proficient in farming and marketing his agricultural products. One of his flagship products is durian, and during each durian harvest season, Yanu consistently trades his durians in the surrounding community.

Currently, Yanu has successfully established CV Omah Tani Milenial, whose products, cultivated in his 3-hectare farm, include 220 durian trees, 250 avocado trees, 400 mango trees, 60 black sapote trees, and a 500 m2 melon plantation.

The specialized farming methods employed by Yanu include melon cultivation inside a dedicated greenhouse and milk grafting on mango commodities, featuring 60 mango varieties sourced from various countries.

According to Yanu, “The product marketing is carried out by sending the products to various retailers in Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Surabaya, and Yogyakarta.”

He adds, “In addition, the products are also sold directly to end-users. There are even those who intentionally visit the farm. Usually, they come to buy products directly from the farm, such as durian, melon, and black sapote.”

Yanu also shares, “that the agricultural world is promising. He continues, the agricultural sector can make people successful because there are numerous commodities to focus on. For example, his friend in Malang, with just 50 durian trees, can earn up to 1 billion rupiahs per year. Another example is his friend in Yogyakarta with a 1,000-square-meter plot cultivating melons, generating an annual income of over 200 million rupiahs.”

Check out Omah Tani Milenial’s Instagram here.