In Kedungjambal Village, 29/01/2024 – The Community Service (KKN) Team 1 of Universitas Diponegoro for the year 2024 has organized a socialization activity aimed at improving the performance of the Village-Owned Business Entity (“BUMDes”) in Kedungjambal Village, Tawangsari, Sukoharjo. This socialization activity took place at the Kedungjambal Village Hall on Monday, January 29, 2024.

The program was initiated due to issues faced by BUMDes Kedungjambal, where it has not been operating smoothly due to difficulties in finding individuals with the capability to manage BUMDes and a lack of ideas/innovations related to business activities that BUMDes can undertake. Addressing these challenges, the KKN Team 1 students from Universitas Diponegoro developed a work program with the theme “Improving the Economic Status of Kedungjambal Village through Optimizing the Role of BUMDes.” This idea emerged from consultations with the KKN Supervisor, Muhammad Ghazi Agam Sas, S.P., M.Si. The program aims to enable the Village Officials and BUMDes Administrators in Kedungjambal to understand what needs to be done to overcome the challenges faced by BUMDes Kedungjambal.

The program began with a presentation by Ian Reinhart Hamonangan, a student from the Faculty of Law at Universitas Diponegoro, covering the organizational structure of BUMDes by applicable laws and recommending recruitment methods for BUMDes administrators based on methods used in subsidiaries of state-owned enterprises.

Following that, Jullian Rafli Rizqi Affandi, a student from the Faculty of Economics and Business at Universitas Diponegoro, discussed the importance of innovation for a business and the necessary steps to develop a business. In this session, Jullian also provided recommendations for business activities that BUMDes can undertake, such as selling traditional woven fabric called “kain lurik.” Kain lurik is considered an economic potential in Kedungjambal Village, with at least 2 Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) engaged in the production and sale of kain lurik. The existence of these businesses is expected to guide BUMDes Kedungjambal to profit from the kain lurik business for the overall welfare of the community.

The socialization activity concluded with a presentation by Mega Eulina Natalia, a student from the Vocational School at Universitas Diponegoro, discussing the importance of using e-commerce for BUMDes in conducting their business activities, especially if BUMDes Kedungjambal wants to participate in the kain lurik business. Mega emphasized that by leveraging e-commerce, businesses can access a wider market, increase product visibility, and empower the village economy.

The outreach activity received a positive response from the community, as evidenced by the audience’s enthusiasm with numerous questions asked after the presentation session. These questions were effectively addressed by the Universitas Diponegoro KKN students.

Through this outreach activity, the community hopes that BUMDes Kedungjambal can operate normally in the future and bring benefits to the entire village community.