Yogyakarta, December 1, 2023 – Farmers in the upland area  slot onlone of Subang are currently actively engaged in efforts to boost mangosteen crop production by optimizing land cultivation and employing precise fertilization methods. This strategic move aims to harness the potential of the land in this region and uplift the livelihoods of farmers.

In a meeting organized by the Subang District Agriculture Office, farmers were given a comprehensive understanding of the pivotal role of proper land cultivation in nurturing mangosteen crops. The unique characteristics of the upland areas in Subang necessitate specific land cultivation techniques that are crucial for successful mangosteen cultivation.

Septrial Arafat, S.P., M.P. offered guidance to farmers on the precise techniques for soil cultivation, encompassing erosion control and the selection of suitable cover crops. These measures are anticipated to enhance soil nutrient availability and improve its structure, thereby fostering an optimal environment for mangosteen plant growth.

A fundamental aspect of successful mangosteen cultivation lies in maintaining a delicate balance between water absorption and evaporation. Mangosteen plants, with their taproots and minimal root hairs, face challenges in water absorption. Techniques such as providing shade, often achieved through banana plants (‘gedebog,’ which can be chopped and used as mulch), can be employed.

Furthermore, the focal point in enhancing productivity is fertilizing mangosteen plants. Farmers are being educated on the types of fertilizers suited for mangosteen plants and the optimal timing for their application. Effective fertilization can augment the nutrient content in mangosteen fruits, resulting in higher-quality yields.

One of the farmers, Mr. Dadang Firmansyah, expressed his positive impression of the training. “We now comprehend our soil conditions better and understand how to provide the necessary nutrients for mangosteen plants. With this knowledge, we hope to improve our harvests and further our family’s economic prospects,” Mr. Dadang stated enthusiastically.

The Subang District Agriculture Office is committed to providing continuous mentoring and guidance to farmers in adopting modern farming techniques. This commitment is expected to assist farmers in addressing various challenges and increasing agricultural productivity in the upland areas of Subang.

The zeal of Subang’s farmers to optimize land and fertilization for slot online mangosteen crops mirrors a collective awareness of the importance of sustainable and resilient agriculture. Through robust cooperation among farmers, local government, and agricultural experts, it is anticipated that the agricultural sector in Subang will continue to flourish, delivering maximum benefits to the community.