Semarang, November 15, 2023. The Agroecotechnology Study Program at Diponegoro University’s Faculty of Agriculture and PT Mayangkara, an agriculture-based company committed to sustainable agricultural sector development, have established a collaboration to assess land suitability for avocado cultivation. The collaboration aims to enhance productivity and efficiency in avocado farming in Semarang.

In this project, experts from the Agroecotechnology Study Program, along with specialists from PT Mayangkara, will conduct in-depth research regarding soil conditions, climate, and other environmental factors that can affect the optimal growth of avocado plants.

Muhammad Iqbal Fauzan, S.P., M.Si., a lecturer in the Agroecotechnology Study Program, stated, “This collaboration is a very positive step in utilizing scientific knowledge to support industrial agriculture. By working together with PT Mayangkara, we hope to make a tangible contribution to enhancing avocado productivity in Semarang.”
Meanwhile, Shara from PT Mayangkara expressed, “We are very enthusiastic about collaborating with the Agroecotechnology Study Program. This collaboration reflects our commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture to achieve the best results in avocado cultivation.”

The project also involves training and guidance for local farmers to ensure a better understanding of best agricultural practices. Additionally, the research team will develop recommendations and practical guidelines accessible to local farmers to improve their farming efficiency.

“This collaboration is expected to set an example for collaborative efforts between universities and the private sector in supporting sustainable agricultural development. The continuity of this program is also expected to provide long-term benefits for society and the environment,” said Septrial Arafat, S.P., M.P., at the end of the session.