Solo (13/04/2023) Three selected students from the Agroecotechnology Undergraduate Study Program carried out internships at The Farmhill unit Solo as a follow-up program to the collaboration previously initiated by the Faculty.

The Farmhill is a very large company in the agricultural sector as a provider of hydroponic products and services. Through The Farmhill Academy, this company provides an opportunity for anyone who has the desire to learn practical hydroponic cultivation that has been prepared with an excellent curriculum.

The Student Internship Program at Farmhill is one of the follow-up programs from the Collaboration carried out by the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, Diponegoro University (FPP Undip). One of the reasons for this collaboration is to increase students’ competence in the field of practical agriculture and to increase their sense in the field of agricultural business.

Apriyani, Dinda, and Hana are three Agroecotechnology students who were selected to depart for internships at The Farmhill Solo greenhouse unit. The internship activities focused on practical activities of hydroponic melon cultivation from upstream to downstream.

“The first batch of Farmhill-FPP internships is condensed for one week, which normally takes at least 1 month to be effective for 3 months to be able to study comprehensively from upstream to downstream,” said Mas Ardi (CEO of The Farmhill)

“From this internship activity, it is hoped that students will be able to carry out activities at Farmhill followed by activities at Greenhouse Melon which is currently just established,” said the Dean of FPP.

“The effectiveness of this apprenticeship program is indeed 1 month of internship at Farmhill to learn the cultivation techniques then 3 months of activities at the FPP Melon Greenhouse to implement the knowledge that has been obtained,” concluded the Head of the GH Melon FPP Team, Ms. Dian Safitri.