Semarang (01/04/2023) The Outstanding Student selection event at the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture level has been successfully held. The Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, Diponegoro University (FPP Undip), which consists of four study programs namely, S1-Animal Husbandry, S1-Agroecotechnology, S1-Food Technology, and S1-Agribusiness sent their delegation to take part in the Outstanding Student selection series (Mawapres) at the Faculty level.

The selection activity was held on March 16 2023 which was attended by 12 students from four study programs. Each student is selected through a series of selections, the main screening of which is related to what achievements have been achieved, language skills, scientific ideas and ideas, as well as other interview stages that are intended to dig deeper into the potential of each student.

The S1-Agroecotechnology study program delegated 2 students namely Wahyu Ramadhan (2020) and Tatag Bagus Firmansyah (2021), both of whom have conveyed extraordinary scientific ideas and ideas supported by good achievements. Based on a strict assessment by the Mawapres selection team at the Faculty level, I was elected Kadek Hari Kesuma (S1-Food Technology) as Mawapres 1 FPP Undip, Halimah Nisa Septiani (S1-Food Technology) as Mawapres 2 FPP Undip, and Wahyu Ramadhan as Mawapres 3 FPP Undip in 2023.

“It is an honor for us in the S1-Agroecotechnology Study Program that this year one of our students won third place in the 2023 Undip FPP Mawapres selection activity, hopefully this can motivate other students, especially their younger siblings at Agro to continue to carve out achievement. God willing, we at the study program will always support student activities in achievement” Said the Head of the S1-Agroecotechnology Study Program, Dr. Ir. Eny Fuskhah, M.Sc.

“It is the opportunity to be a student at this time that needs to be utilized as well as possible. Make your time as a student a time to explore yourself a lot and make achievements. As a student, don’t want to be an ordinary student, be an extraordinary student with your own version , always believe in your own strengths, for Agro colleagues. Keep the spirit in making achievements,” said Wahyu.