Jomblang, Semarang City, (19/01/2023). FPP UNDIP paid a visit to PT. Sustainable Earth Gardens (The Farmhill) on Thursday, 19 January 2023 at 10.00-12.00 WIB in Kec. Candisari, Semarang City, Central Java. This visit aims to establish cooperation between FPP UNDIP and The Farmhill, where The Farmhill focuses on developing melons with Hydroponic Technology in Greenhouses. This is in accordance with one of the learning series launched by Undip, namely the development of melon cultivation in the Greenhouse. Where FPP UNDIP has carried out the construction of a Greenhouse intended for FPP UNDIP students so they can obtain learning ranging from cultivation techniques to marketing management of melon fruit products.

Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Undip, Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Waluyo Hadi Eko Prasetyono, M.S., M.Agr., IPU. Participate in a collaborative visit to PT. Kebun Bumi Lestari (The Farmhill), during this visit the dean of FPP UNDIP conveyed the intent and purpose of visiting PT. Kebun Bumi Lestari (The Farmhill) namely, “A learning collaboration project with a company that has successfully developed melon cultivation, where the distribution area covers the nation. On this visit, they learned about melon cultivation which is capable of producing national standard melons. This has become an agreement between FPP UNDIP and The Framhill. It is hoped that during this visit it will be possible to develop melons with hydroponic technology at the Greenhouse, besides that, it is hoped that it will be able to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of Undip FPP students, and in the future these students will be able to create jobs for themselves with the provision of melon cultivation in greenhouses”

The Farmhill is a trademark of the company PT. Kebun Bumi Lestari, a company with the trademark The Farmhill, started its business by cultivating vegetables which were sold to consumers in the city of Semarang and its surroundings. The business in the agricultural sector is growing rapidly so that The Farmhill is able to penetrate modern markets, hotels, restaurants and catering. This is based on modern agriculture, The Farmhill is again providing innovation in the field of hydroponic technology, the development of hydroponic cultivation techniques has a big impact on companies, especially in the field of melon cultivation with hydroponic technology.

Director Mohamad Jatiardi, one of the owners of The Farmhill said that The Farmhill has a vision to be the best provider of hydroponic products and services for Indonesia and has a vision of (1) developing agriculture with modern technology (2) producing and marketing quality products in a sustainable manner (3) empowering natural resources millennial resources as a pillar of the nation’s future.

One of the programs organized by The Farmhill is an approach in the academic field, where an educational platform that collaborates with experienced practitioners in their field to cultivate hydroponic farming properly and correctly and can provide benefits to the community which consists of three activities, namely: (1) hydroponic community (2) regular training (3) custom training.

Mr. Yaris, one of the owners and researchers at The Farmhill Semarang City who has been pursuing melon cultivation, told the UNDIP FPP team that, “There are several things that need to be considered in melon cultivation, namely (1) selection of melon seeds that are of good quality and have a certificate 2) watering with due regard to greenhouse humidity conditions, and (3) measurement of pH levels in a controlled manner by farmers. Every day farmers check the condition of pH levels before being given watering. It is known that the area of ​​melon cultivation land at Farmhill is 1.3 hectares located in Jomblang, Semarang City.

The learning program at the Greenhouse has been launched by the Dean of FPP UNDIP Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Waluyo Hadi Eko Prasetyono, M.S., M.Agr., IPU, especially in the field of melon cultivation with hydroponic technology at the Greenhouse which aims to foster the entrepreneurial spirit of FPP UNDIP students in the field of melon cultivation, and these activities will soon be implemented at the FPP UNDIP Greenhouse with the target of being able to cultivate melons so that it can be marketed and accepted by the community. Besides that,

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Ir. Bambang Waluyo Hadi Eko Prasetyono, M.S., M.Agr., IPU said that in collaboration with The Farmhill it is hoped that in the future melon cultivation with hydroponic technology at the Greenhouse can be used as a learning and research development facility for Lecturers and Students within the FPP UNDIP scope. (dsf)